Where is your disk space going?

Here is something really cool for all of us that work with Windows based machines, that goes for servers and desktops alike.   Have you ever been looking at your free disk space, wondering where the heck all of your ruttin space went to?  I know I have.  You are left wondering what the heck is using up all your space, and now you can see it very clearly.

There is a tool called Windirstat, that scans the drive of your choice and gives you various report options that show you quite clearly what is using up all your binary real estate.  It has a nice and intuitive interface, plus some cool reporting options.  Best of all, it really does give you a good idea of where all your free space went, and the ability to work with it within the program.  I give it 5 stars!

Check out Windirstat right now!

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