Linux versus Windows on System Calls

I found an interesting article on the Interweb today, based on something a peer told me during a service call. It has to do with the differences between how system calls are handled between Linux and Windows performing the same task, in this case, serving up a single web page with a single image. The fellow comparing the two even provided pictures that map out how the different operating systems map those calls, or more simply what is going on under the hood when the system does what is asked of it.

This is a short article, but is a great example of some fundamental differences between Linux and Windows, that are deeply entrenched in the source code levels, This is also a shiny example of one reason why Linux outperforms Windows in most cases (that’s been my experience anyway), and why Windows is harder to secure.

Before I provide linky goodness, let me make a disclaimer. I am not bashing Windows or Microsoft with what I said above. The performance observation is just that, my observation based on my experience. The issue of securing Windows is the same, I am not saying you can’t secure Windows, it’s just a lot harder.

Now, on to the show, take a look and let me know what your thoughts are!

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  1. Your post reminded me of the chaos that ensued over WinXP first came out. Remember msblaster days? Aah, those were the good ole days… LOL.

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