Spam Goodness

Well, it appears as though we got hit by a metric ton of spam bots in the last few days on our forum site.  We routinely get loads of spam comments here on the main Solarum website, but Akismet does a pretty good job of filtering them out.  This time the bots were targeting our forums, and even going so far as to register accounts bypassing the CAPTCHA even.  I say bypassing but really I guess they are smart enough now to read the images.  Sounds like some advanced scripts just to dump some porn and viagra spam.  I can’t imagine they get enough benefit out of it to justify all the work that must go into making the bots in the first place.  But then again, they keep making these things (bots, worms, viruses, etc) so maybe I am wrong and they are making out like bandits.  Either way, I upgraded the forums and set some tighter restrictions on user registration.  Hopefully that will keep the bots out.  Thanks for your patience!

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