Free System Administration Tools

It’s not every day that you come across such a fine collection of tools that someone has generously created and put forth for the world.  One of my agents in the field sent this my way and so I feel compelled to share with you, my loyal readers.  This is a set of system administration tools, written in PERL, and that been offered up for free by the author simply out of the goodness that swells within his and her heart.  With tools like ‘turbo’, ‘cdrewind’, and ‘mkzombie’ just to name a few, how can you NOT have this collection in your kit?  Check it out, and see the goodness for yourself!

2 thoughts on “Free System Administration Tools

  1. on September 4, 2007Wine-doors does not use Windows components. You do not need a Windows lcesnie to use it. Wine is an open implementation of the Windows API and Wine-doors is simply a method of installing Windows programs in Wine

  2. First of all many thanks for these wdenorful scripts, they make setting up replication scenarios very easy!I found 2 problems in MySQL Sandbox 2.0.15:In contrast to make_sandbox, make_replication_sandbox does not take –upper_directory into account.Instead, only SANDBOX_HOME will be used if available, otherwise the default /root/sandboxes is used.In addition, there is no default interactive “do you agree? ([Y],n)” like with make_sandbox, wich is very useful to control the parameter interpretation.And the last point: you still do not want to install, move or rewrite installed files in order to (prepare) remote server deployments? 🙂

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