Facebook for iPhone developer quits project

This is an interested tidbit of information, at least it is to me.  I read the article linked below that talks about the developer that brought you the Facebook app for the iPhone, Joe Hewitt, deciding to hang it up after he had basically had it with Apple and their tyrannical approval processes for their iPhone app store.  It’s an interesting read, check it out.  It kind of surprised me though, since Apple seems to (me anyway) present this image of being the cool, somewhat aloof non-company company, whereas here it seems like they are acting just like Microsoft or something.  I guess big companies are still big companies, and most of them just can’t get away from whatever it is that makes them a**holes.  Maybe I should start a list of companies that I have dealt with that are good folk to work with, that care and help a guy out, and then those that are jerks.  Hmmmm.

See the whole story at www.techcrunch.com …

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