Komodo IDE Snippet Variables

Here we go, for anyone out there using Komodo IDE (and maybe Komodo Edit, not sure if this is available in the free version).  Aside from being the coolest and best IDE I have found for editing PHP, PERL, SHELL and other scripts, the environment itself has lots of features.  One cool thing is that you can create “snippets”, which are text files that you can insert into your code files with one click or assignable hot keys.  When you create these snippets you can use variables to add to their functionality.  Some variables get substituted with information at the time you submit them, and some will ask you for information so you can tailor your snippets to suit whatever need you have.  Listed at the end of this post are the variables available for use in snippets, sometimes it’s hard to find them, so I thought I would post them all here.  All snippets aside, I highly recommend that any developer out there working with the earlier mentioned PHP, PERL, and the like, go check out Komodo.  You can start out with the free version, Komodo Edit and see what you think.  Remember, I don’t get paid to tell you that, I am just a very happy user of the product and recommend it to anyone who needs something along those lines.

[[%f]]: file base name
[[%F]]: file path
[[%d]]: directory base name of file
[[%D]]: directory path of file
[[%P]]: path of the active project
[[%p]]: directory path of the active project
[[%L]]: current line number
[[%s]]: selection
[[%S]]: URL-escaped selection
[[%w]]: selection of word under cursor
[[%W]]: URL-escaped selection or word under cursor
[[%guid]]: A new GUID
[[%date]]: Current date
[[%ask]]: Ask when snippet is inserted

Tell me what you are thinking?