A funny thing happened on the way to the insurance office …

Progressive Insurance DudeI am sure that everyone has seen the Progressive insurance commercials that feature the sort of grungy looking dude with a mustache and almost unkempt hair. He is the one that is always out there throwing money at people or buying gas and paying tolls or what not. It is supposedly from all of the money he has saved with GEICO err, I mean Progressive, and he is giving back. OK, you are thinking, yeah I have seen him, but what the heck does that have to do on a blog that provides technical information? Good question, let us get to that. Have you all noticed the way cool GTO from the mid to late ’60s that he is driving around? I know I have, I am a huge fan of old GTO’s but there is another reason. There is a commercial out there touting the Progressive Snap-In service, where you plug the little device you get from Progressing into your data port on your car in order for it to record statistics about your driving habits. Supposedly this is so they can lower your insurance rates. The point is that here is Mr. Progressive insurance dude, standing there with the little Snap-In device, talking about how good the service is, right next to his GTO. I am not an auto mechanic any more, but I really don’t think that GTO has a data port in it, so I want to know where the heck he plugs that thing in at?? Then again, maybe I don’t want to know! LOL

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