LightScribe On Linux and AMD64

Here we go with more work on my Alienware box where I ripped out Windows Vista and installed Ubuntu (8.04 Hardy Heron).  I haven’t looked back since … ok, I do miss some games that don’t like Cedega or Crossover, but it’s a small price to pay for all of the other benefits I get from running Linux, and especially Ubuntu which is based on Debian.

One of the things that I got with this box was a LightScribe compaible DVD-R/CD-R.  This is great, except I didn’t have any clue how to get it to work in Linux.  After some digging on the net and reading all around, I got it working and boiled the steps down to a concice recipe.

These steps are listed below.  Please note that these *should* work for 32 or 64 bit distros, but specifically I am running AMD64, so part of this was to get over that hump.  Details are below with the commands.

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