Must Have Firefox Extensions Updated!

I have been keeping a list of Firefox extensions that I feel are must have items.  This is by no means meant to imply that these are the only ones to have, but for me they form at the very least the core of what makes Firefox stand up and dance for me.  I do update it now and then with additions or removals, status updates, whatever.  I just updated the list with a replacement for one extension that went away, so check it out!

New Firefox Extensions

Hello all, I have circled back around and added some new extensions or addons to the “Must Have Firefox Extensions” page.  The ones that I have listed there are, in my opinion, still rock solid choices.  However, some new stuff has come out and I wanted to add some goodies to the list.  So, head on over and take a look, you might find something you didn’t know was out there.  Don’t forget that we do update our information, so come back and check on it now and then to see what’s new!