A free game and a quick link

And a heads up!  I added a link to the links section here on the Solarum site, and it made me want to drop a note up here to remind folk about that particular section.  The links section is where I post links to various and sundry things that appear to be useful or humorous to folk in one way or another.  So, you might want to check it out because you never know what you might find, like today where I just posted a link to a the great game Baseball Mogul version 6 since it has been released for free by the company that makes it.  Come back often and check that links section out, lots of goodies in there.

FREE software from SafelyRemove.com

Here you go folks!  There is an interesting program called USB Safely Remove, a self proclaimed must have if you frequently use such hotplug devices as: flash drives, USB\SATA drives, card readers and the like. Read more about it at:


Download the program here:


If you hurry, you can get a free license for version 4.1 of this software. Go to:


They are giving away 10,000 license keys and as of 10/2/2009 at 1740 hours, they still had some to give away, so get on over there and check it out.  I haven’t use it yet, but I just now downloaded it and got my key.  I’ll put up a review when I have played with it some.  Enjoy!