Piggyback App On Java Update

Here is a heads up that we are seeing the online backup application Carbonite, put out by the company of the same name, bundled with a Java update. If you aren’t careful, when you click through the Java update installer, you get Carbonite and a 30 day trial subscription to the service. Not sure if the trial subscription is automatic or if that’s an extra step. Now, I am not saying anything bad or good about Carbonite, I haven’t ever used the service (naturally I prefer MYfilesanywhere), but any time an application gets installed automagically without my express consent, it sets off a red flag in my book.

Need some help with Java on Ubuntu?

Here are some tips for getting Sun Microsystem’s Java environment up and running smoothly on Ubuntu.  This includes the JRE (Java Runtime Environment – for running Java apps) and the JDK (Java Development Kit – for creating Java apps).  It’s actually easier than you think!  Basically, add the universe repo and use synaptec.  An added advantage is that you can install updates through there too.