Ch Ch Ch Changes …

Just in case you are wondering what all the colors and new layouts are, I am attempting to find an appropriate theme for the site here, and get it installed and happy. In the process, I will be testing different ones to see what works best and what doesn’t. The theme in use now is a heavily modified version of an off the shelf theme I setup for this site about four years ago. Everyone that is familiar with computers and IT knows that four years is an eternity! So, I thought it was time for a change. Feel free (and please do even!) to hit the contact form and drop me a line telling me what you think about the theme. Whether you like it, hate it, have suggestions or anything else. I’d love to hear your feedback. Thank you!


I am sure folks that have been here before will notice that our main landing page is now our blog posts.  Originally I wanted to have a static “Home” page to kind of explain what we are doing here.  That was nice in the beginning, showing that this is more than just a blog, there is a lot of content accumulating on this site.  After awhile though, I wasn’t sure if the never changing (almost) static page wasn’t doing more harm than good.  Kinda made it look like we didn’t update much around here.  So, I figured I would put the posts right out front.  This provides some easy to find content for passers by, and kind of pressures me to write more!  If you have an opinion, let me know what you think.