NetFlix DRM Error: N8156-6013

Recently I have been having trouble with my NetFlix instant watch service.  On several occasions I get odd DRM errors telling me that the date on my PC is set to (insert current date here) and to check and make sure it’s correct, which it is.  I don’t think I am the only person having this problem because when I fired up trusty ol’ Google, I found lots of other folks complaining about and seeking solutions for NetFlix DRM errors as well.  Not all of them shared my exact error number, but they all sounded faily similar in what was happening.

As I searched, I found a few things to try and although none helped me, some helped other folk so I will list them here anyway.  Finally, the explanation and solution that worked for me actually made a lot of sense once I digested it, and I bet it will help some of you out there as well.  🙂

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Quick fix for Notepad++ and the dreaded “Error in CreateProcess (740)” problem!

At least this worked really well for me, and a few other folk that tried it.  I don’t know if this is a Windows 7 thing since it seems that most folks experiencing this problem were running Win7, but not everyone.  Either way, I culled this from bits and pieces of other suggested solutions I found and thought I would share it.  You never know, it might help someone else like it helped me, and that’s what this site is all about, eh?

OK, on with the goodness!  Quick summary, I had Notepad++ (one badass text editor for Windows if you don’t already know about it) installed on my main machine, the Mothership running Windows 7.  I had a context menu entry so that I could write click on darn near anything and have the option to “Edit with Notepadd++”.  This has been a real handy option living in my context menu for years, and when it started flaking out I wasn’t happy about it.  At first I figured it was just Windoze being Windoh’s and it would be OK after the next time I rebooted.  However, as time went on, after the next reboot or two, it was still messed up.

Messed up how you ask?  Well, I could open the program with the standard shortcut, no problem.  Once open I could open files, no problem.  I could drag and drop files and Notepad++ would open them fine.  It was only when I tried to fire up Notepad++ with a file argument after the executable’s path (like the context menu) that I would get the following error message:

Error in CreateProcess (740): Is this command correct?
“C:\Program Files\Notepad++\notepad++.exe”

That was it, no joy after that.  Nothing.  Nada. Irritating.  Well, to make a longer story shorter, I did some research and found that it came down to two problems.  Maybe only one, but I think it really had to do with both.  These were/are:

  • Windows 7 (and maybe Windows in general, regardless of the version) doesn’t like the “++” in the path.  The theory goes that Windows doesn’t have a publicly reported problem, like by Microsoft, but nonetheless it sometimes just lets special characters get on its bad side, and starts throwing some errors.
  • Windows 7 (and maybe Windows in general, regardless of the version) does not like the Notepad++ option during setup that says don’t use %AppData% for storing config settings.  This allows you to override Windows default behavior and store your config data in the program directory like in the old days.  Well, Windows 7 especially (maybe others) really hates this, and will fight with you over it.

So, what was the fix?  The fix should be pretty obvious after reading the two items above, but I’ll lay it out for you anyway, cause that’s what I do!

  • First, uninstall Notepad++, make sure to completely remove it.
  • Next, re-install Notepad++, you might as well snag the latest version from their site ( while you are at it.
  • During the re-install, make sure you change the installation path so as to remove the “++” from the install directory.  As a suggestion, I used “C:\Program Files\NotepadPP\”, substituting a capital P for each +.
  • Also, as you are installing, make sure you do not check the option that says to not use %AppData%, go ahead and let the installer put the config files where it wants.
  • Now, once the install is done, test it out.  For me, this fixed my problems, Notepad++ runs faster and smoother than ever before, which is a great thing.

I sure hope this helps you fix the problems you are having with Notepad++ and opening files from a context menu.  If not, drop a comment and share some details, maybe we can get folk to chime in and help you out!  Enjoy 🙂

MySQL and the dreaded Error: 1251

Recently I ran into a situation when upgrading from MySQL 4.x to 5.x on a dev box of mine. I actually ran into this a year or two ago too, but I forgot to document it (I know, I know) and so I didn’t remember it. I thought I would post it here now to share with all of you in case you run across it yourself. Once the upgrade was done, the application that connected to the database would connect no longer. I kept getting authentication errors no matter what I did. This was a fresh install, I just imported MySQL dump files for my databases, so I thought it was a setting or something that I had forgotten. I checked everything out and could find nothing wrong with the settings, user accounts, passwords, you name it. The app I was launching ran on Windows (specifically, this is my EQEmu server, check it out daBoneyard), and it’s a console app so the Dos window flies by and I hadn’t seen the error message. Finally I decided to put a pause in the batch file and see what the heck was going on. It was then that I was presented with the following error:

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