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Here we will collect info and links for cool tools and utilities that we find useful. For some, we will even include a rating from 0 to 5 stars. Although, I doubt we will find anything we feel compelled enough to put here that will be 0 stars. 🙂

UPDATED: 2021.09.12

Windows Tools/Utilities

  • CCleaner Converber is an awesome tool! – CCleaner is an awesome tool for PC system maintenance (Windows only). It has some great tools for safely cleaning up dead files on your hard drive, finding and fixing registry prolems, managing what starts when you start (your PC that is), and more. Best of all, it’s free. This app is a work of art, as is everything from Piriform.
  • CDBurnerXP Four Stars, Awesome! – Need software to burn various types of CDs and DVDs in Windows 10? Look no further, don’t let the name fool you, it works fine with Windows 10 and it’s free!
  • Converber Converber is an awesome tool! – This is the best conversion tool I have ever seen!
  • Defraggler Converber is an awesome tool! – Another great from Piriform, a Windows defrag tool that works, and works right. I’d put this up against the commercial alternatives any day.
  • Hard Disk Sentinel Hard Disk Sentinel is the best hard disk monitoring tool available. – Hard Disk Sentinel monitors all of your hard disks, internal and external, and tracks errors, capacity, performance, termperature and so much more I cannot list it all. This is a great if not the best disk monitoring tool out there.
  • MediaMonkey Converber is an awesome tool! – MediaMonkey is the best media player and management tool I have used. It is easy to use, the price is more than fair, the things this program can do sometimes blow my mind, and it doesn’t crash all the time and grind my system to a halt like iTunes. Why do I mention iTunes? That’s right, MediaMonkey is compatible with the iPod, even the new ones. It can handle your podcasts, mp3s and more, and then sync it – playlists and all – to your iPod. Nice.
  • Mailwasher Five stars for Mailwasher – This is a tool that I use every day, and I wouldn’t want to be without. It lets you download just the headers of your email messages, so you can see what is there and make the decision as to what to keep and what to delete before you download the whole email. This is great for thwarting potential viruses, since you aren’t downloading the attachment. Also though, the best feature is that for spam, you can send back a fake bounce message, as if your email address was not valid. In many cases, this helps to get spammers to quit sending you spam in the first place. In my experience, it didn’t make all spam go away, but it sure cut down on it a lot. This is a must have for me.
  • Networx Five stars for Networx – This tool does the trick for monitoring bandwidth, it can monitor the entire network and all of the bandwidth used, or you can dial it down and get into more precise monitoring like certain interfaces or subnets. This software is a work of art, it is beautiful and really should cost a good amount of money, but best of all it is totally free, so check it out!
  • Notepad++ Five stars for Notepad Plus – This is an awesome text efitor and notepad replacement for Windows.
  • OpenOffice Five stars for OpenOffice – This is a great suite of office tools, a powerful word processor, spreadsheet and more.
  • PasswordSafe Five stars for PasswordSafe – Keep your passwords safe and sound in an encrypted database.
  • Restore Point Creator Five stars for Revo Uninstaller – Create Windows restore points at any time with ease, and even manage existing restore points.
  • Revo Uninstaller Five stars for Revo Uninstaller – This tool is the best uninstaller I have ever come across. Aside from running the uninstall process, Revo finds all the little tidbits that uninstallers leave behind and gets rid of them.
  • Sam Spade Five stars! – Just like the detective, this application doesn’t miss a thing. Great network tools bundle, go get it.
  • Speccy Five stars! – This is a very nice system profile tool. No install required, just run it and you have lots of information at your fingertips.
  • Take Command Five stars! – Run multiple console windows like Bash, CYGWIN, Windows Command Prompt, Windows Powershell, and more along side the custom Take Command prompt that has been enhanced to make life for Windows sysadmins much easier. Read more here!
  • Taskbar Shuffle Five stars! – This is a great tool for managing all those windows we open and their placeholders in the taskbar. Line them up and arrange them however you want!
  • Trello Five stars! – I wish I could give it more than five stars. This is a great app for both mobile and web based users managing a common data set between them. This app can do just about anything when it comes to making lists, organizing your data, moving and rearranging data elements, layouts, outlining and more. I highly recommend this app!
  • Win32Whois Four Stars, Awesome! – This is a great tool for performing quick WHOIS lookups in Windows. Best of all it’s free!.
  • WinDirStat Five stars, one of the best. – We posted about this tool, it’s great at telling you where all of your free disk space went. Awesome product that we wouldn’t want to be without. Go check it out now!
  • WinTabber Four Stars, Awesome! – This is a great tool for adding multiple application windows to a central tabbed interface. Simply awesome!
  • XnView Five stars, one of the best. – This is one of, if not the best picture and video manager I have found, and it’s free!

Got something you want us to check out and maybe add to the list? Let us know about it!

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