Learn Solaris UNIX or Linux Today, The Real Way

OK Folks, I added this post so I could tell you about a new article that I just posted.  Just like the title here suggests, I talk about learning Solaris UNIX and/or Linux the real way or maybe it would be better said as the right way.  I don’t suppose there is a wrong or right way, but still.  In this article I reach down into the depth of not only my own knowledge but I lean heavily on my own experience as well, and use that information to share all I know and can rant about learning solid UNIX and Linux skills for the up and coming nix jockies out there.  I really hope that this article can help someone and maybe more than just one naturally.  It’s some (I think) good advice on how to get started and some of the best ways to dig in there and learn some good stuff.  Maybe in the future I’ll post more lower level hard core how to stuff and see how that goes over.  Some of that kind of stuff I have posted already (like SVM disk info and Symantec Storage Foundations (formerly Veritas Volume Manager)) has been real popular.  Anyway, for anyone interested, head on over to the Library and check out the new article on Learning Solaris UNIX and Linux today, you might find something helpful in there!  If you have any thoughts about it or something you think I should add, please drop me a line and let me know.  Thanks!

New Firefox Addon Found, Fixes Drudge Report Refresh Roil

I am a news junkie, I love to read the news from many sources and (try to) keep up with what is going on in the world.  One of the sites I frequent a lot is the Drudge Report, and anyone who has been there will know that (to me anyway) one really annoying thing about that site is the constant page refreshing.  Maybe this is done in an attempt to load more banner ads or something, but it gets on my nerves when I keep losing my place as I am reading articles.

So, in my attempt to find an easy way to stop the Drudge Report website from refreshing every second or so (OK, maybe not EVERY second), I came across a nifty little plugin for Firefox that allows you to blacklist websites and thus stop them from running scripts.  In this case that also meant that Drudge no longer refreshes while I am reading the news.  It’s a lot like the NoScript plugin that we have talked about before, except that instead of deny all and permit by exception, this one is the other way around.  Everything is white listed by default and you blacklist sites that you don’t want to run scripts.  It works great for me, and I have found it to be quite useful.  I have added it to the Must Have Firefox Extensions page in the Library, go check it out and while you are there, see what other ones we talk about.  Enjoy!

Must Have Firefox Extensions Updated!

I have been keeping a list of Firefox extensions that I feel are must have items.  This is by no means meant to imply that these are the only ones to have, but for me they form at the very least the core of what makes Firefox stand up and dance for me.  I do update it now and then with additions or removals, status updates, whatever.  I just updated the list with a replacement for one extension that went away, so check it out!

Internet SPAM, Scams, Viruses and Phishing attacks are on the rise

This is just a heads up to everyone out there to be extra careful when handling email.  We have seen an explosive increase in the number of attacks brought about to every day citizens through email.  From SPAM with fake links, to Internet Scams that these fraudsters want you to invest your time and money in, to Viruses/Trojans/Back doors, and of course Phishing attacks where someone pretends to be from some place familiar to you like your bank, eBay or PayPal in an attempt to get your account information.

There are some basic steps to take like using good anti-virus software, and making sure it is kept up to date, that can help you stay safe.  We posted an article a while back with these explained, and I believe we should take a look at updating it since it’s been a year or two.  The basic principals stay the same, and there is still lots of good info there, we will most likely just be adding more stuff to deal with new threats.  Take a look at it here, it’s called Web Surfing Safety, and we hope you find it useful.  In addition to that, be sure to check out the Library, since we have lots of other good information and tidbits in there too!  Thanks.

Solaris patchadd Return Codes

I just posted some new goodness for all of the Solaris admins out there.  I have compiled a list of return codes from the patchadd command for both Solaris 9 and Solaris 10, and it has come in very handy over the ages.  So, I thought I would share.  Take a look at it here, and don’t forget to check out the entire library with all sorts of information in it here.  Enjoy!