About Us

Welcome Traveler, to Solarum dot com!

Isn’t technology wonderful? Of course it is, and I for one love technology. Computers, gadgets, gizmo’s, I love them all. The only problem with technology is that it changes so fast, it’s hard to keep up with everything. Even those people growing up in this advanced age can find themselves struggling to keep up after a short while.

That is why I created this site. To share information. At it’s core, that’s what this site is about. One thing to ask might be … Why? Good question.

All of us have things that we are interested in, things that we are good at, and even though some of us are better than others at learning and doing many different things, no one can know everything. I have always had a saying that if someone tells you they know everything, they are trying to sell you something.

To that end, if everyone brings together the things that they know about and are interested in, all of a sudden we have a sharing of information and all of us know a little more. It’s this sharing of information that can help people learn to not only use their own technology (i.e. computers) more effectively, but also be more prepared to fight things like SPAM, Phishers, Identity thieves and more.

This bringing together and sharing of information can make all of us more informed and better able to do what we do. Plus, you never know, you might find something out there you really like but didn’t know existed. My goal is to have something here for everyone, so that whatever your comfort level with technology might be, you can find something to take away from this site that will help you in some way.

In addition to everything on the main part of the site, we have the discussion forums, or boards, where everyone can join in and talk about whatever is on their minds. Whether it’s asking questions about a problem, seeking guidance or advice, or fun chit chat with a great community, it’s all there. We have some very smart, very talented people in there already, so get in the forums and get to talking, the more the better!

Where do I start?

  • We have some fine articles written on various topics in the Library, with a full list on the far right column of the page. This site is still a new creation, and new articles will be added regularly.
  • You can view blog posts based on various categories that pertain to them. The categories are listed on the far right column of the page, simply click one to view blog posts that are tagged with that category. Keep in mind that some posts (most of them actually), will fit into more than one category, so you will most likely see a post more than once.
  • Got a tip or tidbit you want to share? Have some cool tech article you want to let everyone in on? Let me know about it, I could post it and make you famous!
  • Need some tech support? Head on over to our forums, and get some help from the community!
  • Got a question or some feedback about this site? Tell me about it!

Not sure what to make of this site?

Check out our FAQ page and learn more about this place. The goal here is to build a community of folk that can all share and help one another, so jump in and enjoy!