Firefox Extensions That You Simply Must Have!

Firefox Extension DialogI use Firefox as my browser, and it rocks all by itself anyway. However, when you add a few custom enhancements, it really rocks. Here I list a few that I use, and some I have to have! Check ‘em out, they really help your journey on the web and some go a long way in protecting your system as you surf.

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**UPDATE: As time rolls on, things change, every now and then I like to look back and update some of these lists and add anything new and nifty that I find.

Adblock Plus (Must Have)
The author(s) of this plugin seem to have really tightened this thing up and streamlined it. It appears to have the best of both worlds, and not hit you with “too much” all at once. I am using it now and so far am giving it a hardy thumbs up. If you liked the original Adblock, you might want to give this one a try. I left the original Adblock section above just for reference.

Download Statusbar (Very Nice)
This is a nifty tool that helps you manage and monitor your downloads.

DownThemAll (Awesome)
Download a bunch of stuff at once! You can create custom filters to download almost anything on a page.

Dummy Lipsum (A Developer’s Must Have!)
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Xmarks Sync (Must Have)
This a great tool that backs up and synchronizes your bookmarks, much like Google’s bookmark sync did. This tool works great, and I highly recommend it if you want to keep your bookmarks up to date on several PCs. You can even keep passwords, open tabs and more in sync if you want to get a little fancy. For anyone that remembers Foxmarks, this is what evolved from Foxmarks when it shut down. All in all a super tool!

ScribeFire Next (Super!)
This is a great addon for anyone that blogs and likes to post stuff they find while surfing. This is essentially a blogging tool that lives in the browser. You setup your blog information and when you find something that looks cool and you want to share it, you simply hit the ScribeFire button and get down to blogging. Simple, fast, and it works. It supports multiple blogs so you can post to any of them that you manage, plus it supports many different software packages. Check it out!

Tab Mix Plus (Great!)
This plugin is a great addition to Firefox because it gives you much needed control over your browser tabs. Trust me, it will allow you to do more than you ever thought you needed to.

Web Developer
Super set of tools for debugging, tinkering and working with web pages. Whether you are developing one for yourself, or checking out how someone else did theirs, this helps out the process.

This is a wonderful tool that is similar to the NoScript extension available in plugin land, except it works in pretty much exactly the opposite way. Instead of denying all scripts and only allowing whichever you choose, the exceptions, this one allows them all and lets you blacklist the ones that you want to kill scripting on. This tool lets you block scripting where you need it, even if you do have to specify the blockage first, as in the site to block. I found it when I was looking for a simple way to stop the Drudge Report web site from refreshing the page every 3.2 seconds which was getting on my last nerve. Now it’s all taken care of, I blacklist the site and no more refreshes. Hope you find it as useful as I have!

Updated: 2013/05/19

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