Arduino Resources

Arduino Resources

Here I decided to put together some resources that might make getting started with your Arduino adventures a little easier. These are things that helped me, and I am putting them in one place for you, from software downloads to books and parts I’ll put what I find useful here so stay tuned!

arduino_logo2The first thing you will need (once you have the Arduino board that is) is the software IDE that lets you write code and then compile and upload it to your Arduino. The latest version of the software can always be downloaded from this URL:

And from what I have seen the community updates it pretty frequently.


arduinoSo, here we have the Arduino board itself that you can get, though I highly recommend getting some kind of a starter kit. The extra goodies that come with a starter kit can make the difference between fun and success and frustration. Plus, the kit that I linked here comes with an instruction book that gets you started. There is a great book that I purchased called Programming Arduino: Getting Started With Sketches that gives a great intro to coding on the Arduino platform, as well as the very basics of C in general. I found it very helpful!

arduino_book I will keep updating this page as I get more and more information, and as I get more involved – deeper and deeper in my Arduino project(s). If you know of something that worked well for or helped you out in what you have been doing, please let me know so I can check it out and maybe include it on this page here. Thanks!

Last Edit – 2015.04.03

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