Ubuntu Tips and Tricks

Let me start by saying that while I am running Ubuntu and therefore collecting tips for Ubuntu, a lot of these will work for any Linux distro since they actually are for things like Gnome or Nautilus, etc. All set? Let’s go!

[1] Double clicking on the title bar of a window will maximize and back by default, but you can set it to other things in System->Preferences->Windows. I set mine to “Roll Up” and I find it quite handy.

[2] If you press the ALT key and left click anywhere in a window and you can drag it without having to be on the title bar. Awesome for when a window gets just out of reach.

[3] If you press the ALT key and middle click in a window you can resize that window without having to find the edges!

[4] Using the middle mouse button to drag a file from one spot to another will actually open a menu when you release the button, giving you options like “Move”, “Copy”, “Link To” and “Cancel”. Much like doing this with ye ole Windows right click.

[5] Want to stop having stuff listed in Places->Recent Documents ? I don’t know why, but this irritates me! A simple fix is to change the permissions on ~/.recently-used to read only, like this: chmod 400 ~/.recently-used

[6] You can add a new item to your places menu but opening Nautilus (the file manager) and clicking “Add Bookmark” when you are in or at the place you want to add.

More will be added as I find ’em!

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