This is a placeholder for items that we put into the “Library”. This includes content that we want to expand upon or make more permanent than a simple blog post. Take a look at the list below for topic titles.

Best Practice and General Knowledge Articles

Reference Articles for Linux

  • apt-get reference – Good info on wrangling apt-get.  This is mainly for Debian/Ubuntu but can also apply to Red Hat distros that install apt.
  • Create a file of arbitrary size – Sometimes creating test files of a specific size comes in handy.
  • Labeling Disks In Linux – Read about how Linux mounts disks via a label instead of device path, and what to do about it!
  • Ubuntu Tips and Tricks – Cool tidbits you may not know about Ubuntu that can make using this distro day to day easier.

Reference Articles for Solaris

Reference Articles for Windows

  • Download Internet Explorer 6 – Need to download all the install files for IE6 and not just the web installer? Here you go!
  • Windows Shortcut Keys – Want some quick ways to get around and get things done faster in Windows? Check out the list of keyboard shortcuts that do some cool schtuff.