Notepad++ Shellexecute Error Solution!

Do you get the following error when trying to open Notepad++ from the context menu:

ShellExecute failed (2): Is this command Correct?
“C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\notepad++.exe” “File you are trying to open”

If so, I have the solution to your problem! Simply navigate to

C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\

and then right click the notepad++.exe file. Click properties from the popup menu and then click on the compatibility tab. Once there, un-check run program as administrator, hit OK and you should be set!

I ran into this problem and this took care of it for me, I hope it fixes your problem too!

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I know there are a plethora of applications out there to help you burn CDs, and even tools inside Windows 10 to help with that too. However, sometimes you just want a simple software tool that does everything you want, does it simply and reliably, and doesn’t cost a fortune. Well, you’ll be happy to check out CDBurnerXP. Despite the name, it’s not made just for WIndows XP, it actually runs quite well on Windows 10 and packs a ton of features to boot. Aside from the normal ability to burn data and audio CDs, it can burn DVD and Blu-RAY discs as well. I haven’t tried all of those features out for myself, but for those times that I need to burn a disc on my Windows laptop, this is my go to tool. It is absolutely great! I recommend you check it out and see what you think.

Windows Restore Point Creator

system_restoreWe all know what a useful tool the Windows System Restore Point can be for fixing problems that inevitably crop up from time to time, and we also know what a pain it is to create a System Restore Point manually just for good measure. So, let me share with you this application that I found a while back and have been using and testing called (aptly enough) Restore Point Creator! This tool is way cool to have around because it make creating System Restore Points quick and easy, and gives you a look at the list of your most recent Restore Points, when they were created and so on. Best of all, aside from it’s most useful features, it is completely free of charge though a donation to the author wouldn’t hurt your karma any. Check it out and see what you think for yourself.

Arduino, wow, cool stuff!

arduino_logo2I have recently become familiar with the Arduino project, an open source board and CPU design for hobbyists and beyond to build all sorts of neat things with. I have seen people build robots, remote controlled lawn mowers, music playing computer hardware and all kinds of things. I got myself one of these nifty boards because they are wicked cool to work with and not expensive at all. If you are into electronics, and/or love to or want to learn to code (in C and C++) then I highly recommend getting one of these boards and going to town. Being an open source project there are lots of resources on the web, and there is tons of information practically everywhere. I’ll be sharing what I know and learn and what I run into that helps like books and stuff. So stay tuned and come back to see what new pops up.


WordPress Security: Nulled Scripts and the CryptoPHP Infection

wflogoIt seems that our good friends at Wordfence Security have come across some very important security information from Fox-IT in the Netherlands about WordPress (also affecting Drupal and Joomla), Nulled Scripts, and a security hole dubbed CryptoPHP included in infected themes and plugins. This security hole effectively turns infected websites into botnet slaves, it’s really very fascinating. Take a look, if you work with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or PHP at all or are just curious you ought to read it. It’s a well written article and very interesting, check it out.

The Heartbleed Bug – Start Patching Now!

heartbleedThere is a new vulnerability out there in OpenSSL called The Heartbleed Bug, and it’s a doozy. Imagine someone compromising your network, or SSL protected website or service, stealing your private and thought secure information – all without leaving a trace that they had even been there! This is one vulnerability that is really bad, and if you have any systems that might be affected you should start updating them right away! Read more about The Heartbleed Bug here.