Check out some good common sense blog security tips

Image: Hacker Inside LogoI couldn’t have said it much better myself, so I decided to link to this article rather than write my own version of it. Although, I might write a follow up that gets a little more in depth or something. However, that’s for another day, for now check out this post on the site “Spice Up Your Blog” where the author goes over “5 Ways Your Blog’s Design Is Making You Susceptible To A Hacker”.

Now this isn’t just for server operators, it focuses on things that also make a difference to those that run their own blog too. This is because a “Hacker”, or maybe a visitor with malicious intent, can wreak havoc on your blog even without touching the rest of the server. If they can get access to your database for example, you can kiss all of your posts, pages and pretty much everything else goodbye if they are feeling especially destructive. Even if they don’t destroy your data, they can post things on your blog that you don’t want, like advertisements; porn; we own you messages; what have you. Even worse, is when your site gets compromised and no one knows it. In these cases the hackers can do all sorts of fun things. One especially nasty trick I have seen is when they plant a virus alongside your sites files and then append a small bit of code to your pages so that your visitors get infected, talk about your reputation plummeting faster than a stone tossed out a window.

With all this in mind, take a look at the following page and see if any of the things they talk about there sound like they might be up your alley. It pays to be careful, I hope this helps!

5 Ways Your Blog’s Design Is Making You Susceptible To A Hacker


New Feeds Foretell Patching Plagues

You may already be familiar with the feed I put up from Security Focus so you can easily get the latest news on vulnerabilities that are either already out in the wild or have the potential to be soon.  If not, check it out here.  As I am always looking to improve things, I recently added some feeds that will deliver the latest advisories for Red Hat, SuSE and Ubuntu Linux quickly and easily.  So, to recap, from here you can easily get information on the latest vulnerabilities overall, plus the latest advisories for three top Linux distros: Red Hat, SuSE, and Ubuntu. Check ’em out and look for more good stuff, as I find new ways to deliver goodness, I’ll be adding them.  Thanks.