Hackers post data from 533 million Facebook users online

Facebook logo and CEOThe data of 533 million Facebook users including phone numbers, Facebook IDs, full names, birth dates and more have been made public. According to ZDNet, of that data, 32.3 million users were from the United States alone! This data breach includes information from Facebook users from all over the world and also includes information such as gender, location and job status! The data in question was posted in downloadable groups by country and samples of the data have been confirmed by Facebook. All users of Facebook should be wary because it’s a pretty safe bet that this data that is now public will be used for criminal activities like phishing and scamming in any way that hackers can think of.

All in all this is another example of a large company being careless with it’s customer’s data because at the end of the day they won’t be punished for this transgression. For the users that had their data stolen, and of course we don’t know which of us that is, this is another reminder that we need to be very careful about what data we share online and how we share it. While this latest data leak is by no means our fault, it’s still our data that is in the wind.

Check out ZDNet for more information!